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Who We Are

About the Women of Color Empowerment Institute, Inc.

The Women of Color Empowerment Institute, Inc. (“Institute”) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to enhance and expand leadership by women of color.  The specific goals and objectives of the Institute are:

  • To build awareness of health care disparities, disease and social ills that disproportionally impact women of color.

  • Support and encourage women leaders to run and win public office.

  • Develop capacities for social change that will empower women to transform communities.

  • Develop programming that will increase and promote heritage awareness.

  • Through open discussions and community outreach, combat stereotypes, double standards and bias against women.

  • Provide training opportunities for business and government.

  • Provide mentoring programs for women that encourage career success and growth.

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for conference materials associated with Women of Color Empowerment Conference.

  • Focus on uniting women of color with multicultural differences.


The Institute holds quarterly leadership events called “Advocates for Change” where selected speakers discuss how to bring about successful and productive social change in areas such as economic development, living healthy lifestyles, heritage awareness and technology advancements.  The Institute holds “Next Level” professionally facilitated forums designed to assist attendees with professional development and strategic planning. Through corporate grant funding, the Institute holds professional etiquette seminars where attendance is free of charge and open to the public.  The Institute is a membership organization and hosts monthly dinners and professional development meetings. The Institute publishes a magazine called “Women Lead” highlighting Women of Color leaders from around the country and their fascinating and motivational stories. The Institute administers a leadership mentorship program linking young professionals with established community leaders. One requirement of this program is for mentees to produce a public service event focused on a health-related initiative. The public service projects have all been impactful and have brought together hundreds of people from the tri-county areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and beyond.


The largest yearly activity of the Institute is the Women of Color Empowerment Conference.  This destination leadership conference is held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is focused on educating and motivating dynamic leaders of color.  The conference sells out each year and draws leaders from all over the United States.

The Institute has successfully collaborated with a number of state and local partners, including but not limited to: universities, bar associations, urban leagues, corporations, sororities, fraternities and Links Chapters, to name a few.  The Institute’s programming has received national recognition and multiple awards.  The national advisory board consists of well-respected professionals and community leaders throughout the country. The Institute seeks to ensure that every dollar goes towards the Institute’s mission of enhancing and expanding leadership for Women of Color with a goal that the high-level training provided will positively impact leadership initiatives.

Thanks to our Charter Members!

These members have made a financial commitment to ensure that women of color can be successful in every field of endeavor through the provision of information and resources to help remove barriers, access opportunities and replicate successes.

Nancy Allen / Shirley Baker / Donna Rice Berry / Lorna E. Brown-Burton / Anique Bryan / Toni Cave /Traci Cloyd / Lisa K. Crawford / Terri Crook / Eileen G. Davis-Jerome / Kathy Eggleston/ Chetachi Egwu / Yolanda English / Sonia W. Eutsey / JoeAnn Fletcher / Rhoda Glasco Foderingham / Vickie Frazier-Williams/ Dione Gordon / Bacardi Jackson / Carolyn Jones / Marilyn Jones /Belvit Jordan / Lanetta Jordan/ Cassandra E. Joseph / Kerline Jules / Sophia A. Lopez / Charlotte Lovely / Cynthia Martin / Delores Y. McKinley /Michelle Moore McNeil / Shirlyon McWhorter / Chantal Meo / Stefanie C. Moon / Burnadette Norris-Weeks/ Julie Owens / Michelle Austin Pamies / Andrea Pelt-Thornton / Sheila L. Pettis / Brenda Powe / Renee Davis Prude / Erica Ricketts / Brenda Rivers / Lynn Solomon / Tina Teague / Gloria Romero Roses / Ebony Daniels Sanon / Dinah Stephenson/ Easter Wilcher

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