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Ashley L. Eubanks

Ashley L Eubanks Johnson is a true change maker by simply taking one step to change the view of the word period. The proud Founder of a nonprofit organization based in South Florida, The Beauty Initiative, Inc. The birth of her inaugural initiative, Help Her, period began when Ashley witnessed a homeless woman with stained clothing, and found out that the woman had no money for pads or tampons. On her 30th birthday, Ashley opted out of gifts or celebrating to give back.

Since 2016, Ashley and her amazing supporters have changed HERstory by collecting over NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND hygiene items for those in need!! Ashley and TBI donation bags have made it to: Florida, Virginia, Washington, DC, Texas, California, and Georgia. Haiti, Aruba, Bahamas.

Ashley has fearless led the fight of promoting and providing hygiene to those who need it most. The Beauty Initiative has three year round initiatives that teach hygiene to students, provide hygiene for all and restores dignity through sponsored laundry for families in need.

Recognized on NBC Channel 10 “Faces of the Future”, Legacy Magazine “Top 40 under 40”, Women Expo’s “Woman of the Year”, Visionary of the Year, and a TEDX Talk Speaker Ashley’s momentum is not slowing down. Ashley is known for her serious work ethic, infectious laugh and her giving spirit.

No big-named donations, no sponsorships or big checks in her name, just her bank account and a mission. Ashley is a woman on a mission to not only help other women, but anyone in need.

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